Tutorial how to download Euro Truck Simulator 2 for Android

The tuning is one of the few successful functions of the game. Four cars can be selected, the glossy bodywork can be repainted and new rims and wider tires can be mounted on the axles. But for one of the most popular taxi simulations in the app stores, the game is pretty monotonous. There is hardly any traffic on the multi-lane city highways and navigation to the destination is fairly easy.

The free demo allows you to enjoy the game as you please, as long as you want. However, some features are limited until the full version is activated and cannot be used until then.

Here’s how to download ETS2 on Android

Nobody sneaks, nobody pushes, nobody cuts in too close to the truck. There is also no traffic volume that depends on the day of the week and the time. In addition, there are no crowded rest areas, so the game forces the player to exceed his driving time.

euro truck simulator 2 for android download
Euro Truck Simulator 2 for Android is a masterpiece.

Actually not a bad idea, but it threatens to overwhelm the majority of the players. The rest will probably just get stuck and, if possible, be towed to the nearest workshop or cancel the order altogether.

Visits beautiful European cities like Madrid or Rome and transports goods for different companies. This will earn you money and climb the career ladder, giving you access to new and better paid jobs. You also need the money to fund possible fines and repairs. However, an order will only succeed if you meet the time requirements.

Communication with other players can take place via text chat as well as voice chat. The latter imitates the functionality of the CB radio. In May 2017, the Heavy Cargo Pack was released, which contains eight new heavy loads and two corresponding new trailer types with articulated axles. There is also a new chassis variant (8×4 heavy-duty chassis) for trucks from Mercedes, Volvo and Scania.

The “ETS2” fan Leon Bataille obviously wanted a real cockpit with authentic displays. And so he set out to make one himself.

Road to the Black Sea was released in December 2019, adding Romania, Bulgaria and the European part of Turkey. At the beginning of the career, quick orders are carried out, the player is given a truck, the diesel and toll costs are borne by the employer.

This trial version is a limited version of the full version that can be activated directly. There is no time limit for playing Euro Truck Simulator 2 in the demo, but not all areas of the game can be used. In the past few years, some new truck models have appeared, which can now also be played under their real brand.

Playing Euro Truck Simulator 2 for Android is super fun

These are supplemented by add-ons and DLCs, which increase the number of trailers and the available loads. However, these are always the, admittedly extremely widespread, articulated trucks.

The new loads include construction machinery, transformers, motor yachts, helicopters, locomotives, tractors and various components. Also noticeable is the extremely civilized traffic, in which accidents, traffic jams, construction sites and closures are largely absent.

Called TRUCKER – KING OF THE ROAD. The description in combination with the title and the picture suggest a truck simulation. In the description it says “In” Trucker – King of the Road “the player plunges into the world of heavy transporters.

Despite the fact that the age is no longer young, the game continues to be supported. In addition to updates that further improve the game, downloadable content and expansion packages are also offered that add additional content to the truck simulator. As a player, you also have your own idea of ​​which elements are still missing. It is not uncommon for these to move on the fine line between imagination and brilliant ideas.

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Only the Intel HD graphics is installed on the notebook. That’s nothing for the Euro Truck Simulator 2. I can’t say much about the problem itself. Sounds like you mentioned above, but a lot like marketing.

After about 15 kilometers there is the first award. It’s really not easy to drive the cumbersome truck and trailer through Munich. But that is exactly the goal of the game “Truck Simulation 16”, which can be bought for 2.99 euros for Android and iOS. With the demo of the Euro Truck Simulator 2 for Android, high-horsepower trucks will hit the streets of Europe.

TruckAtHome is about creating an incentive to not just leave the house, but maybe only to move virtually in Europe and America. The Euro Truck Simulator 2 Download offers driving fun in 60 European cities and a very sophisticated road system that connects these cities with each other.

The amount of cool features is so good

With the 30-tonner all over Europe – whose childhood dream has always been and still is, for the Euro Truck Simulator 2 Download is a real recommendation. The playable demo impresses with great graphics and realism as well as a trucker career from order driver to freight forwarding mogul.

France not fully contained in the main game. December 2017 expanded the Italy not fully contained in the main game. November 2018 the DLC Beyond the Baltic Sea was published, which also adds a part of Finland and Russia, as well as Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. 24 new cities are included in the DLC.

At the same time, an adaptation of the penalties to the real catalog of fines in the individual countries would further enhance the simulator. ⇾ A larger, playable map, which ultimately encompasses all of Europe, is certainly worth striving for, but requires a not inconsiderable amount of time and money. Given the current rhythm of the card expansions as addons in the next few years conceivable.

December “Road to the Black Sea” is available on Steam for the price of 17.99 euros. In the Euro Truck Simulator you drive your truck across Europe.

In the further course of the career, the player can buy his own truck with his earned money or an additional loan and accept orders on the freight market. Secured by escort vehicles, impressive special transports roll over motorways and country roads that are partially blocked by the police.

However, articulated trains with swap bodies, as are common with German logistics, shipping and courier companies, cannot be played. Via the download button you can enjoy the almost 600 MB Euro Truck Simulator 2 demo (in the current version 1.9.22).

Read more about the optimization of the game for mobile

So for the people who play the game there’s nothing to get for now. I personally already have all DLCs for both games. But still nice that the developers take part in the overall situation and give the players an incentive to stay at home. But then the game opens immediately and you’re ready to go! The first step is a small tutorial to instruct the player.

You do all of this under realistic conditions and in different vehicles. Completes your orders quickly and reliably and climbs the career ladder. Netzwelt has got behind the wheel for you and tells you whether the installation is worthwhile. In addition, the DLC Vive la France!

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If you are tired of completing one job after the other in Euro Truck Simulator 2 and looking for quick money, you better remember the mother of all cheats. (MST / Speedmaniacs.de) – Two weeks after the American Truck Simulator, the update to version 1.37 for the Euro Truck Simulator 2 is now also available. As an innovation, the FMOD sound library provides a completely new acoustic gaming experience. With TruckersMP an unofficial multiplayer mode for ETS2 and ATS was released in May 2014, which is played as an MMO. The game can be used in multiplayer via an additional client.

October 2012 released and is a direct successor of Euro Truck Simulator from the year 2008. The player can drive with different trucks through Europe and transport different freights, which he has to pick up and deliver in many European cities. During the game, the player can buy and upgrade new trucks and garages.

Countries are supplemented by various additional DLC’s to be acquired. Over five years ago, Euro Truck Simulator 2 was released by the Czech development studio SCS Software.

From the small truck driver to the successful freight forwarder, he experiences all possible highs and lows of the business live and directly. From adverse weather conditions to challenging roads to special transports across Europe, he fulfills a wide variety of orders at the wheel of his truck. ⇾ Not a bad idea either, but again very extensive and detailed. With the “Euro Truck Simulator 2” you drive across Europe with trucks.

Last and final words regarding the game

You can experience them in the Euro Truck Simulator 2 for Android and iOS. That sounds suspiciously like a Euro Truck Simulator 2 from another publisher.

The gameplay of the truck simulator is simple. The player receives an order that he has to carry out and receives money for it. The orders are deliveries of any kind that have to be driven from one city to the next. The driver is confronted with all kinds of complications on the highways, just like in real life.

If you want, you can now download the extremely popular simulation and test it free of charge. In 2008 truck fans all over the world fell into each other’s arms, because on this day the unofficial successor to “18 Wheels of Steel” – the Euro Truck Simulator. After having been able to virtually truck through the USA for years, it was finally possible to find your luck on the streets of Europe.

It helps him to create his user professional, in which one also chooses the starting city and a truck. Friends of comfortable simulators have every reason to be happy.

As a technical basis, he used the speedometer from a VW Polo 6R, which he was able to connect with an Arduino controller via the CAN bus. This in turn was connected to the PC, the game itself provided the data for the speedometer.

The passengers scream out loud when I hit the brakes as a bus driver. The bus stops too abruptly, which gives minus points. But when the doors open and the new passengers board, the points account fills up again. Put the turn signal left again and the journey continues through Los Angeles.